Midnight Cry

The Midnight Cry Sung by Matt Collins First Baptist Church of Frostproof Sunday Service 7-28-2019

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FBC Service 7-21-19

Vacation Bible – Sunday Service

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FBC Service 7-7-19

Pastor Darrol Hood’s message to the First Baptist Church of Frostproof about Hell and Salvation from First Thessalonians.

Why is First Thessalonians so important?

Everyone would like to have some insight into what their future holds. How much more so when it comes to the end of the whole world? First Thessalonians provides Christians with the clearest biblical passage on the coming rapture of believers, an event that will inaugurate the seven-year tribulation. At the rapture, Christ will return for His people. The dead in Christ shall rise first, while those still living will follow close behind. All believers will meet Jesus in the air to begin an eternity spent with the Lord (1 Thessalonians 4:16–18).

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